Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lately I have been a junkie for taking on responsibility. Good thing right? I have so many interests and different groups I am involved with. I love all of the things I am involved with so of course I would love to get more involved within those organizations. Next year is my "last year" here and I want to make the most of it. I am starting to get a glimpse of just how busy I will be next year, because I am already so busy now. I don't like filling my plate with responsibilities just so I can show people just how busy I am, I truly just love helping and being a part of things. I don't do things for the satisfaction of being able to put it on my resume, I do it because I love the experiences from them. I have faith in myself to be able to handle my busy schedule, I do hope that I do not spread myself out too thin to now be able to be a good member or leader of the many things I am involved in. On top of that, I am constantly trying to fit 5 classes into the schedule and there are just not enough hours in the day to be able to do that on top of working 20 hours a week. 

Here is a list of responsibilities I have taken on for the next academic year:

  • Vice President, University Involvement Board (5+ hours)
  • Admissions Tour Guide (20+ hours)
  • Student Government Association ( Representative) (2 hours)
  • Special Events Society (varies)
  • Presidential Leadership Council 
  • College Republicans
  • Rhode Island Young Republican
Here is a list of things I plan to start or get involved in for the next academic year:
  • Campus Crusades for Christ
  • Green Council
  • TOMS Campus Club
  • Ad Team
Big plans. But I have to remember that I am here for an education. Time to get to my studies, I have a macro test today I need to study for. That's all for now, I hope this brought some joy to you day,


Monday, April 26, 2010


This past weekend was a renewal of my faith in God. The roommate and I went to a Campus Crusades for Christ Leadership Summit in Boston despite the lack of information we had on the weekend. Rae had put our names in a while back and we never really heard more about except that our names were on the list. We knew that we would be staying at the Boston Sheraton, it was to begin at 8PM, and the whole weekend would cost us $20. Vague, I know. We took a leap of faith and just went. When we arrived at the Sheraton after our routine of getting lost and walking in circles around where we need to be and there was no sign of a Crusades conference what so ever. After wandering the lobby we ran into some CCRI students just as confused but we finally found where we were supposed to be.

Like every other conference or leadership thing I've been to, we all sat awkwardly in a circle in a conference room. We were asked to make an emotional weather forecast. I was currently in a fog and a bit frazzled but I hoped to be partly cloudy in the next few minutes. We did our usual introductions then jumped into what Crusades was all about. The weekend ended being so wonderful. I always have my doubts and hesitations at the beginning of every occasion where I have to meet new people and stretch a little bit out of my comfort zone but I am always glad that I did at the end. This weekend was the first time I had ever gone out and shared my faith with anyone let alone strangers in Boston. We went out of Boston Commons and just went up and talked to strangers about God. I guess I hide the fact that I am an introvert well. No one had any clue that I hated talking about uncomfortable subjects with others except Rae. It's amazing what one can accomplish by just putting your faith in prayer.

We met people from PC and CCRI and decided that we all need to collaborate on our Christ efforts next year. Providence is the least evangelized area of the country. I know that there was a reason why I ended up all the way up here for school, and I'm pretty sure it had something to do with God. Now I need to work out my own beliefs. This contemporary non-denomination stuff is still iffy with me. I have to find the balance between truth and grace. I ask for your prayers.
That's all for now, I hope it brought you some joy to your day,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer is near!

So I'm a little late on reporting back on last weekend's festivities. There was a great turn-out for the Tea Party Tax Day Rally for Rhode Island standards. I would say there were about 1200 people there. We almost didn't make it because Rae was recovering from being sick but it just conveniently worked out for us to go. Thursday was a combined YR/laundry/homework day. I have to say there was a lack of ridiculous tea party signs like usual rallies but we couldn't have asked for any better weather. Friday was crazy busy...I don't even want to talk about it. Mike Rosen flew into town for the weekend. I finally met him! We took him to Newport, we toured a mansion, ate brunch, and walked around the wharfs. It wasn't gorgeous weather, but I am thankful that it didn't rain. Sunday we went to church, ate at Tazza, and thanks to Michael's love of reading the newspaper, we found out about a roller derby at the convention center. After reading about the derby at Tazza we looked over and realized that the opposing roller derby team was sitting next to us eating at Tazza too. I had never seen a roller derby before except for in the movie Whip It! It's actually a really exciting sport. Rae is considering training and being on one. We were trying to come up with derby names for the both of us. Rowdy Rae, Rough Rider, Joy Stick, Egg Roll You Over, and many others. London Brawling killed our poor Rhode Island Riveters by around 100 points. Kamikaze Kitten just racked up those points like crazy.

The end of the year is approaching quickly. I can't believe that it's almost week 8. I feel like there are so many things to do in all of my classes in such a short amount of time. I registered for my fall classes yesterday. Nothing super exciting. I am still trying to figure out how I'm going to transfer down to Charlotte the year after next. It's complicated because they don't offer my major down on the Charlotte campus, so technically I would have to change my major to Marketing to transfer, then transfer back up to Providence to graduate with an Advertising degree. I love the idea of graduating a year early, but then I start looking at degree plans and concentrations and I just want to take every class available. To add to that, I also want to study abroad and do an internship or coop. These are common woes of JWU students...the focused ones at least.

Rae and I have confirmed our itinerary for our road trip home for the summer. We are leaving that evening when I finish my final May 19. We are going to get a head start and hit Philly and stay the night. Then drive all day Thursday down to Charlotte to see our JWU Charlotte Campus Friday. After Charlotte, we take off for our next stop in Biloxi. Maybe stay the night by the beach. Then we drive through New Orleans and end up in College Station to stay with Stevvi for a night, then head to San Antonio with her. Take a break in San Antonio for a day or two, then head to Dallas. Dallas is where we will part and I head up to Oklahoma.
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I finally decided to stay home this summer.  I had all these ambitions to get an internship in San Antonio or DC but it occurred to me that there are so many older people who are searching for internships so they could possibly get their first job to start a career. This will be the last summer of my college career that I won't be doing something super important. I am going to take some classes at NSU and then take a trip to China to see the family. I haven't been since the 7th grade and this will be the first time I go to China all by myself. I'm pretty excited about it but the thought of visiting my family alone is very overwhelming. I still receive updates on all of these intern opportunities that I want but I'm just going to wait. It'll also be good to take some general classes at NSU for 1/4 of the price of them here.

That's all for now. I am off to class. I hope this brought some joy to your day,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Tax Day!

I am so thankful for my mother who is always on the ball on our finances. Since FAFSA has become a factor in our lives, Shirl's gets rollin' on the taxes on January 1st and gets them done within the month of January. This is great, but it leaves me clueless on the entire tax process. I just sign my name where Shirley marks in florescent "Sign Here" arrows.

But something I do know about taxes is that Rhode Island and a few counties in New Jersey get an extention on their taxes due to our great flood a few weeks ago. So congrats to you guys for getting an extention on your taxes!

For further tax day festivities, the Tea Party of Rhode Island is having a Tax Day rally in front of the State House today. Rae and I will be attending of course. I failed once again to make an obnocious sign, but be usre to look for me out there with those "Crazy Tea Baggers". On a side note...when I had originally typed in "Tea Party" onto my bing image search, the "Constitutionalist guy" from CPAC showed up!

Another crazy busy weekend ahead. Fridays are always the worst because people ask, "When are you free?" my automatic response is, "Friday." Therefore making my Fridays not so free anymore. If there is no need for a third tour guide tomorrow, then that eliminates the amount of places I need to be. Then Rae's dad (the infamous Michael Rosen) in flying in for a visit. Unfortunately, the weather is going to be rainy ALL weekend. Thats always how things works out though. I am pretty interested to meet this man. Rae has told me sooo many stories, the moment of truth is approaching, I get to meet him myself.

That is it for now. I will be reporting back on all of these weekend festivities soon! I hope this brought you you some joy...


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Just Another Manic Monday"

I don't think a weekly blog is going to work out. It's Tuesday and I already have so much to blog about. I realized blogging once a week wasn't easier, it's actually more difficult for me and all of you lovely followers because it is sooo long. No worries, one day I will get this blog thing right.

Yesterday was just a normal day for me. I've always loved having a set schedule and a system for doing everything. For extra credit I attend these completely irrelevant workshops. They hold them at 2 different times a week, but due to my tight schedule I can't make either one so I scheduled private workshops with a tutor at the learning center. The workshops are over things that one would think a student would have mastered upon acceptance to any university. My first workshop was "How to Write a Research Paper." I'm am not kidding. My lovely tutor Florence realized quickly that this was silly and we just sit there are chat about life. Yesterday's workshop was "How to be an Active Listener." Kinda helpful, I learned a new way to take notes, I will have to test it out sometime. I love these little meetings with Florence because I leave work at 11:50am and power walk over to Starbucks right before noon to use my swipe for my Venti Iced Black Tea, Sweetened 4 pumps of classic, more tea, less water,and a delicious oatmeal cookie. Right after Starbucks get go over to Market Place where I don't have to wait in any lines and I have my pick of any table I want.

While I enjoyed my perfectly choreographed day, Mattie found her roommate Theresa passed out on the ground in their room. She was rushed in the ambulance to the hospital while Rae and Mattie followed in Babs (my car). They sat in the hospital ALL day while they ran all sorts of tests on Theresa. Theresa seemed fine at around 7pm, they were all sitting in the room chatting and waiting on the doctors to come in and say that they could leave when Theresa passed out again. The doctors decided it would be best to keep her overnight for observation.

Meanwhile, I went to my afternoon classes as usual. I was given an assignment in Desktop Publishing to make a propaganda poster. I HATE propaganda. It's whole purpose is to manipulate the masses and it is used all throughout history by evil leaders. It has to be over a controversial topic and it must evoke some sort of emotion. Blah. After my classes, I went on a jog around the eastside again. I changed it up a bit and went up a shorter hill and went down the BIG hill. Hurts just as much going down as it did going up. Once I recovered from my job, Cameron and I met for dinner at Market Place and chatted about our interesting parents. We ended the evening with me introducing him to the wonders of Glee while snacking on hummus and pita chips. Poor Rae and Mattie got back from the hospital at 11pm after being there since 2pm. They were mentally and emotionally drained while Cameron in I were so enlightened by the silliness of Glee.

I have noticed that my entire life, I have always been shielded from any sort of drama or tragedy. While I am so thankful that God has always spared me from these awful things, I almost kinda wish that someone needed me at their hospital bedside. Anytime I have gone to the hospital for one of my friends, I was never needed. There was always someone more important or closer to the person to be there. I was always there to just take up room in the seating area. I shouldn't complain. It's such a blessing, but you always want what you don't have.

Thats all for today! Hope this brought you joy,


Sunday, April 11, 2010

If my life were boring...I wouldn't have a blog.

So blogging is becoming a Sunday night thing. Maybe this will be a weekly blog. Maybe I'll make it to where it is published every Monday at 12am. Maybe one day it will be super popular and people will stay up on Sunday night to read my blog for the week? I like it.

The end of the school year is approaching. I can count the weeks on my fingers...i think. This week was pretty eventful you could say. Lots of things were planned including Passover Seder, UIB President and Vice President elections, Student Government Association "Meet the Candidates", Green Initiative Presentation for Dr. Schneider, and April Open House.

Monday I went to a Jews for Jesus Passover Seder with the roommate. She is a "Jewish Believer". Being from Oklahoma, I had never met an actual Jew before. Judaism is fascinating to me, I had never been to a seder, bar-mitzvah, bat-mitzah, or any sort of mitzvah for that matter. Rae had mentioned that I may be the only asian and to not be uncomfortable, it was no big deal. Little did we know that the seder was actually held at the Boston CHINESE Evangelical Church. Rae (the Jew) was ended up being the minority. I was dying, it was one of the most ironic moments of my life. We ended up at a table with a nice women's ministry group from CT and a nice family from Warwick. Of the course the people we met from RI knew someone that we knew, that happens when we go to any event. Vera and Hugh Fisher and their daughter Sarah and friend Casey were old friends of Pastor Ted...such a small world...such a small state. The people who were in charge of the seder were the nicest but oddest couple ever. The wife was a Chinese/Jew/convert to Christian and her husband was an Israelite...the Cohen's.

Wednesday were elections for UIB, luckily I ran un-opposed for vice president because I was a mess during my speech and q&a session in front of the entire general board. We had 2 really great candidates for President, I had a bit of difficulty deciding who to vote for. Both would be great. I feel that one was better at speaking in front of the board but the other one had more leadership experience. The more experienced one ended up winning. Now the 2 of us get to go through the applications for the other coordinator positions, I am really excited to start making some important decisions.

Thursday after class the Green Initiative Team got together to put "last minute" touch ups to our presentation Friday morning. As a team we were just expecting the presentation to come together on its own and it didn't hit us until the day before the presentation that we had a lot of work to do before this was ready to be presented in front of the University's President and Vice President along with the rest of the President's Leadership Council. The presentation ended up being pretty lengthy to where we never even ran the entire thing through completely. After that meeting, Rae and I had to rush over to the SGA meet and greet. We ended up being pretty late for it, it kinda caused a bit of a scene. I have to admit, I agreed to run for student government initially for a "resume builder", but after it was specifically pointed out that it was more than that, I am pretty excited to be a part of the House of Representatives for the school. The House deals with the clubs and orgs on campus, including appropriations and establishment of new clubs and orgs. This will be one more way I can get on the inside of this school. I am already in the Admissions department, the next step is obviously Student Activities. One department I refuse to take part in is ResLife. I have no interest in being an RA or FDM, no thanks.
Supporting TOMS One Day Without Shoes by wearing my TOMS. Barefoot in downtown Providence=some sort of disease.

Friday was the big day. Presentation day. We decided it would be a good idea to get there over an hour early to practice, considering we hadn't gone through the entire presentation w/out any stops once. The first run through was rough, but they improved as the morning went on. When show time came around, we appeared to be well versed and rehearsed. It ended up being very successful. We failed to mention only one thing and that was a budget for our proposal. We found out that our Johnson and Wales is a lot "greener" than we thought. The problem is that it is not advertised at all. Our new Harborside is LEED certified and we recycle over 400 tons of material in a year. Imagine how much we could be recycling if we had an "umbrella" recycling program all over campus. Our presentation impressed a lot of the PLC students and the faculty as well as get them really excited about going green.

Saturday, April Open House, was pretty much like any other Open House. Since I am a full time tour guide I have to take the big groups. Business Administration/Management/Undecided group had over 80 people. They made the 4 of us full time tour guides split it. It didn't end of being too bad except that this group of students are more than likely undecided so they're usually not the most enthusiastic bunch. They typically don't ask very many questions either so the tour has it's awkward silences. I got to wear my new CAT sweatshirt with khakis. I think that this should be the uniform for Open Houses, it looks really nice when we're in uniform. All those years of being in uniform with color/winterguard and band must have rubbed off.
Later that evening Rae, Cameron, and I went to see opening night of Urinetown. Te Jay was the star and Marc Coda was the villian, I had to see it. No way I was missing it. It was hilarious. Cameron was being a snob about how amateur it was since he went to a performing arts school. There is no way of enjoying anything if you are critiquing it the entire time. Yes, it was not a professional musical, that's why it fun. Considering that JWU is not a liberal arts school at all, the production was pretty good. I can tell they worked hard on it.

Sunday, Rae and I went to Downcity church as usual. Ted's sermon was on the Downcity church "covenant" that he had drafted. I have been feeling questionable spiritually. I know I don't discuss spirituality on this blog often. I don't really discuss spirituality much in all other aspects of my life either and that is a bad thing. I am requesting prayers for myself. It was brought to my attention that I am a "church dater", one who just goes to church on Sunday and forget about it for the rest of the week. I am not fully committed in my spiritual life, and I don't like thinking of myself as someone who fears commitment. I don't fear committing to anything else BUT the church. Struggling, but the first step is recognizing the problem.

In addition, since we worked the Princess Half-Marathon in Disney, I was determined to take advantage of this perfect weather and start running around the city. This week I finally dug out the running shoes and did it. Today Rae and I ran up College Hill, around the Eastside and back downtown. Nearly 2.5 miles. I feel fabulous...a little sore, but in a good way. I'm really excited about my plan to become a runner. My goal is to run a 5K in the near future. Who knows, maybe someday I will run the Princess Half-Marathon someday soon. To motivate me, I will be posting my progress.

Well that was my crazy week. I'm off to live another one.

Monday, April 5, 2010

No Complaints, Not One

After non-stop rain for days, we were rewarded with a gorgeous weekend. There's nothing like a New England spring. Spring time in New England stays in the mid 50's up to the mid 70's. Absolutely wonderful. At home, when it is around that temperature, it is still a bit chilly and you definitely need a jacket and definitely jeans. Up here once it hits the 60's it is warm. Warm enough for shorts and flip flops, but not too hot for jeans and a cardigan. The sun is warm and the wind is breezy.

This weekend began with a the April Young Republican event in Wakefield. The flooding conveniently cleared and the highways opened up just in time for us to drive down smoothly. Southern Rhode Island is the best. There is such a quaint small town feel to Wakefield. If felt wonderful to get out of the city for a bit. We budgeted a bit more time than usual by keeping in mind the flood and rush hour. To avoid being early to the event, we ate dinner at Friendly's. It was Rae's first time to eat at a Friendly's. Friendly's is a New England chain. It was that place that your parents would promise to take you for ice cream if you behaved. They have the best chicken tenders and they are famous for their sundaes. After dinner, we arrived at the event fashionably late as planned. It was so nice to catch up with our YR buddies. It felt like we hadn't seen them in forever after spending consecutive days with them back in January.

Friday I got to sleep in and work the afternoon shift at 12:30. I woken up naturally by the sun, the best way to start the day. Campus had been closed due to the flood except for the Admissions office, but the website didn't do so well at clarifying that on the website so half of our scheduled tours for the day didn't show up. Since everything else on campus was closed, there were no phone calls coming in so I got to leave work early. With the rest of the day to do anything I wanted, Rae and I went to see The Last Song. I give it 2 stars. Great story, mediocre acting. Miley will always be Hannah Montana in my mind. If you're wanting a good cry, I recommend that you see this movie. After the movie, we took the trolley over to Wickenden Street and got pedicures. After our lovely pedicures, we ran after the trolley for blocks. That jerk trolley driver.

Saturday we spend some quality time with Ted and some Downcity church members at the bowling alley in East Providence. Initially, it is a challenge for me to share fellowship with other Christians. I have no idea why, I always have a good time when I do. It's nice being doing things with Christians outside of church. It's just nice being around positive people. After bowling Rae and I drove down to Jamestown to Beavertail State Park. Jamestown is a small ocean community outside of Newport. I always find myself sharing really nice and romantic moments with the roommate... maybe someday I will actually share them with a significant other. We ate brunch and took the scenic drive back.

Easter Sunday was a lot like any other Sunday. We went to church as usual, but Rae did invite our friend Andrew to church with us. It was very interesting for him, since he's a Jew, but Rae is never too shy to invite someone. I need to work on that. I don't typically believe in treating Easter any different than any other Sunday. We should recognize and celebrate Jesus and his resurrection every Sunday. After church we went to a potluck at Brodie's house and met some really great Christians in the area. A lot of them were Brown students and Campus Crusades for Christ people.
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