Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Oklahoma/Family/Chinese Buffet Wedding

Delayed recap of events:
The weeks just continue to fly by and I don't seem to be getting much accomplished. Last weekend, I flew home for my long-time family friend Richard and my cousin Jiao Jiao's wedding. Yep that's right, after all of these years of referring to him as Uncle Richard, he's now my cousin. It was a quick trip home, and I attempted to balance seeing friends with family/wedding things. Funny how every time I go home, it doesn't feel like any time has passed.

My mom put on the entire wedding, from decorating the church to the reception, and she even cooked all of the food at the reception too. It occurred to me why I love special events so much, it's genetic. It was a beautiful Chinese themed wedding at the First Baptist Church and the wedding reception, of course, was at Grand China. While she did a great job making the wedding happen, Shirley could work on the communication skills. I felt so useless when it came to helping with the wedding, and I didn't even told I was the maid of honor until I got to the rehearsal.

This could be a lot of people's family situations, but it's always interesting trying to explain mine. Since pretty much all of my family lives in China, we have a lot of unofficial family through long time customers of Grand China as well as former employees and current employees. It is a crazy mix of people. It would make a really great NBC Thursday night awkward comedy, if you know what I mean.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Week of big fails, but great accomplishments

I have been planning on sitting down and writing about last week for a week now. Since it's way after the fact, I'll give you the highlights and move on.

Last week began and ended with all-nighters and the in-between was me playing catch up. I had reached the verge of my breaking point several times. I launched a 12 hour tshirt design voting contest at 3am without consulting anybody on UIB, scheduled 3 meetings at the same time on Monday, I forgot about a test, I put off a research paper 'til the last possible second, and I failed to tell my Relay for Life team any basic details about the event. In the mean time, I needed to finish the plansbook for Ad Team, interview UIB Eboard applicants and appoint them, figure out my job description for Commuter Relations, plus the my weekly chores of sending out emails and schoolwork and such. Last weekend was busy with Cupcake Wars, UIB Launch Party, and any time between was spent in the ad lab. I spent all Sunday night into the morning in the ad lab finishing the plansbook. I spent all Friday night into the morning in the gym for Relay for Life.

First late night clock pic!

Team UIB

The week ended nicely with a quiet dinner with Rae and Dara at McCurdy's Junction House and dessert at the Duck and Bunny. Both great places on Wickenden St. I highly recommend it.

The best part about blocking out the entire weekend for Relay for Life is that I had time to catch up on myself. I had time to do my laundry, clean the apartment, cook meals, and jog around the east side.

Hopefully this week won't so hectic. Until next time...

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