Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Great Flood

So apparently a natural disaster happened in Rhode Island. A major flood happened about 10 minutes away from me. While I thought it was just a normal rainy few days, I saw people floating around in canoes in their front yards. It rained for 3 days straight, I can't even imagine Noah and everyone on the ark dealing with 40 days of rain. But I have put together a list of things to get through April showers:
Bubble/Dome Umbrella
Hot Tea and honey
Norah Jones Pandora station


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thoughts contributing to my insomnia

Tomorrow...well today will be the first time in over a month that I have had the chance to sleep in after 9am! To commemorate this occasion, I am staying up late and catching up on all the television I have missed out on in the past weeks and catching up on blogging. My schedule is packed with work and school, there are hardly any room to squeeze. My macro professor gives us extra credit for attending these study strategy workshops. Its a series of workshops over 4 weeks. They are held during the day at 11:30-12:30 and 7:30 on Wednesdays. I can't make it to any one of those. I did decide to take the extra initiative and I have scheduled private sessions once a week during my lunch hour for the extra credit. Just an example of how not flexible my schedule is during the week.

Economics is a tricky subject. I have the same feelings towards it as I do with accounting. Both are so crucial to know, but difficult to grasp. I guess if the 2 subjects were more fun our country's economy and our personal finances would be in better shape. I have a feeling that far left radicals have never taken an economics class in their entire life. Econ is basically the study of capitalism. This is a subject I will be spending extensive time on studying this weekend.

Not a very busy weekend ahead. Today I have a meeting with the PLC Green Initiative. We are going to go around campus and film some interviews with students on their knowledge of recycling and reducing their energy consumption. This should be very interesting. I will post it for you guys. You will be able to see just how informed our student body is here at JWU... JWU Relay for Life is also tonight. Unlike the relay we have back home, we do our inside. I will be on the UIB team. I have definitely slacked on the fundraising side of the relay. I should make a few phone calls tomorrow in regards of that. If you would be interested in contributing to the cause, please feel free to donate.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rainy Day Tours

After months of needing one, I finally bought a new umbrella.I love it. I suggest everyone gets a bubble umbrella today, they're at Target.

I've given many campus tours on nasty days like this. Sometimes they're quite enjoyable other days they are quite miserable. This always brings me back to my college searching process in high school. Janessa and I took a day off from school to go to Tulsa. To get the absence excused we decided to take a quick tour of the University of Tulsa, not really interested in going to the school. Little did we know that we would be getting the full service treatment at this tour. We had had a pretty rough morning already, the GPS got us lost and it was pouring down rain. After finally arriving at the admissions office we were warmly greeted by 4 tour guides and our names on the television screen. We went on a walking tour in the typhoon weather and fell in love with the school. After the tour, they fed us lunch in the dining hall and gave us a chance to chat with other students. After lunch we got to sit down and speak with an admissions counselor and they gave us TU T-shirts when we left. This was the day when I decided rainboots were a definite necessity.

That memory sticks in my mind on days like these because the tour is such a crucial part of choosing which school is right for you. The weather was awful but I was completely sold on the school based on how it was all presented to me. Everyone was so hospitable and helpful. On nasty days like these, I strive to have a sunny day attitude while giving my tours.


Monday, March 22, 2010

First Taste of Spring

This past weekend (week) was just gorgeous. The sun was out, it was warm, and breezy. People set up camp on the Gaebe greens, too bad I didn't care for the people, so I couldn't join them. The NCAA Basketball tournament was going on downtown, the city was packed, and what a great weekend to come visit Providence. Sidewalk cafe's and other various eateries downtown brushed off the dust on the patio furniture and set up the outdoor seating. I have come to find out that spring weather here is much different that back home. Back home 60 degrees is still pretty chilly, here the 60's means there isn't a sign of cold at all. The 60's here is the perfect equilibrium, not cold, not hot. This weekend, I took my first trip to Newport for the season and also did some spring shopping. Unfortunately, when there is over 5 days of beautiful weather, there is bound to be some bad weather on the way. The sun decided to take a break today and send more rain.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey Soul Sister!

Keeping it brief today. Had a great weekend.
This past weekend include the following:
Cracker Barrel
Train Concert
People watching
Tour Guiding
More Rain
Trader Joe's
Cracker Barrel again
Thats it.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Business as usual...

First day of spring trimester. I am making a new trimester resolution to actually do the reading for my classes. One thing I've learned about college and the real world is that you get out of it what you put into it. I am also going to keep an organized binder with all of the all of my PowerPoints printed out. I am determined to get straight A's this trimester, I'm sick of my random B and C from the last 2 tri's. 10 1/2 weeks until summer!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Disney World, third time around

Just returned from my trip to Disney World with JWU Special Events Society. It was such an awesome trip, but so exhausting. I am a firm believer in visiting Disney at all different stages in life. I went and experienced it when I was 7 as a child. I also went as a freshman in high school, and I got to experience it as a performer in Disney World. And this trip, I got a behind the scenes experience by volunteering and meeting with the people who make the whole experience happen. The E-Board for SES did a fantastic job planning this trip for all of us. We had just the right amount of fun, work experience, and learn something too.
The E-board arranged meetings and tours for us with people in every part of the Sports/Entertainment/Events industry. The first day, we met with the Disney Event Group which is Disney's event production team. They have everything you need to put an event together under one roof, such as: creative team, florist, set designer, photographer, costume designer, etc. They mainly do big budget corporate development meetings. Day 2, we met at the wedding pavilion at the Grand Floridian and met with the wedding planners. There we learned about the 3 different types of weddings they put on, they do about 1,200 weddings a year in Disney World. Day 3, we did our first day of volunteering at the "Fit for a Princess" Expo where we registered the marathon runners and distributed their goodys and tshirts. After volunteering, we met with the youth group coordinator and the sports coordinator. I am convinced the youth group coordinator knows Harvey Price because their department handles the school music groups and cheer and dance squads. The sports coordinator took us around the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. The Atlanta Braves do their spring training there so we got to see a spring training game going on. Day 4, we volunteered again at the expo doing the same thing and then was given the rest of the day to rest up for the marathon the next day. Day 5, we reported for duty at 2am for the marathon. We did baggage check and baggage claim for the 14,000 marathon runners. Our volunteer coordinator said that we ran the smoothest baggage check ever and invited us back anytime.
In between all of the working and learning we did have fun time budgeted. We managed to fit in time for all 4 parks, a private dinner in Epcot to watch the fireworks show, and a character breakfast. I also got to escape the group for a little while and see Tabitha and Joseph and catch up.
Now I'm back in Providence, my last trimester of the year starts tomorrow. I am officially a sophomore this term. I have been quite the traveler lately, I'm pretty sure I've done enough travelling in 3 weeks to last me awhile.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Flying 1st Class

Last Thursday I took a trip to Wisconsin to visit Madison at college. I got a great air ticket with Midwest Airlines directly from Boston to Milwaukee. This being my first time flying Midwest and out of Boston, this was bound to be an adventure. Knowing my luck with travels, I left Providence hours before my flight. After checking in at the single Midwest counter at Logan airport, I went to the single gate that Midwest planes fly into to check the status of my delayed flight. I was able to casually hop onto the flight before mine, but I voluntarily gave up my seat for a person who needed to catch a connection flight from Milwaukee. Midwest was so appreciative, they bumped me up to first class seating on the flight I was originally scheduled to be on!
I was even more impressed with Midwest Airline on the way back from Wisconsin. The Milwaukee airport is one of Midwest's "hubs" so several Midwest flights go through Milwaukee. I like them because they are small, the staff is a lot more personable and helpful. They also understand logistically that it is much easier to board the flight from the back first. And to top it off, they back fresh chocolate chip cookies on the plane. I definitely recommend flying with them whenever you get the chance.

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