Thursday, December 16, 2010

Plans Change.

Today is my last day in Providence in 2010. I will be hopping on a plane shortly. There have been changes in life plans these past few weeks. After stepping into my senior seminar class first day of winter trimester, it was made apparent that trying to cram in all of my major classes this year and transfer to Charlotte next year would not make any sense. After sitting down and really examining our reasons for wanting to go to Charlotte, then it really didn't make any sense for both Rae and I to go.

After that decision was made, all of a sudden it was time to decide where we wanted to live our last year in Providence. The apartment search was on. After searching through endless craigslist ads we managed to settle on the most mysterious ad to be our apartment for next year. The ad had no pictures and told us it was a 2 bedroom on Wickenden St. across from Coffee Exchange Heat and Parking included $550 per person a month. Call or text Ed anytime. So we texted Ed. He got back to us instantly, we looked at the apartment a few days later, and we signed the lease a few days after that. Cons of living in a city with 5 colleges: apartments are in HIGH demand so you have to act fast. The apartment is quaint and located above Amy's Cafe. It's not big, but it still feels roomy. We won't have to buy lots of furniture to fill it, and we'll have Brown students as neighbors. Still a little anxiety about signing my first lease but Ed hasn't given us a reason to not trust him yet...

All I have time to blog about now. Until next time...

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I feel like I am blogging about this so far after the fact but Thanksgiving was just a week ago. I cannot believe that, this has felt like a really long week! For Thanksgiving Break, I decided to save the air fare, work a few days and stay in Providence. This has been the plans for months which gave time for my friends at home to be able to plan a road trip to come visit me and see my world up here. It was so weird/cool to have my two worlds collide. The Cove and Residential Life did not make it easy, but I did manage to entertain guests in my apartment.

I had been planning for friends from home to visit me ever since freshman year. In my mind I thought I had all these cool places to show them all over the place and by the time they came, I sort of blanked. We had lots of fun around Providence the first day they were here. I showed them the downtown area and where I go to school and then I showed them all over the East Side. We got pizza at Nice Slice, got coffee at Coffee Exchange, went to Prospect Park, hung out at the hookah bar, then went to Providence Place and saw Morning Glory. Great movie! I highly recommend it, only looks like a chick flick but the guys really enjoyed it too.

Tuesday, after I got off work, we took the commuter rail to Boston for the afternoon. It's a real shame how little I know about Boston when I am only an hour away. Luckily the weather was not bad, it was cloudy but not cold. We basically did a lot of walking around, but we did find an great coffee place over by Harvard Square called Cafe Crema. It's good because Micah was impressed, that's a big deal in the coffee realm.

Wednesday was a LONG day. Wednesday was the day that Anderson flew in! We picked him up and did an abbreviated tour of Providence for him before seeing 127 Days at the Avon Theater. I had never seen a movie there so I was really excited to go. 127 Days is the James Franco movie about an outdoors man who gets stuck in the crack of a cliff and his hand gets stuck under a rock. The movie is all about how he survived. Another great movie that I recommend. We were hoping James Franco would make an appearance since he's a RISD student now, but he didn't show.

After the movie we rushed to New Haven to take the MTA into Manhattan to get a really good spot for the parade the next day. Probably the worst idea of mine in a long time. Long story short, we didn't need to rush to New Haven like I thought, and NYC may be the city that never sleeps but that means the crazies never sleep (like us), it progressively got colder and colder the closer we got to daybreak, and we didn't even get that great of a spot to see the parade. But I have to remember the good parts of the trip....we found a 24 hour Donut Pub. It was great, and I saw it on Unwrapped the Food Network show just the other night.

When we finally got back to Providence by 3PM Thanksgiving Day. I luckily can sleep pretty much anywhere so I got a really great nap on the train, so when we got back to the apartment the guys took a nap and I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner. It turned out pretty great. I made a turkey breast instead of the whole bird and all of the trimmings.

The guys left Friday right as my roommates were getting back to town. All and all it was a very nice holiday and I am so glad my friends made the trip.
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