Thursday, February 17, 2011

In Sync

My Google Apps
Instead of checking important things off my to-do list today, I discovered Google Chrome Apps and synced my entire life online. I finally figured out TweetDeck and wondered why I didn't start using it a very long time ago. Updating Facebook pages is a big part of my job and the leadership positions I hold. With TweetDeck I am able to manage all of my social media in one application. Genius. It is also a lot let distracting than having an actual Facebook page up on my computer at all time. Just recently I synced all of my calendars to my iPhone and today I figured out how to even sync my Facebook calendar to my phone. Here are the directions to do it if you're interested, it is very easy to do.

By doing all of these things, it is a way to make me feel more productive that I actually was, but it also allows me to keep myself organized and connected at all times. In preparation to going out into the work force in the near future, I have been attempting to brand myself. A good way of doing that is doing my personal IMC (integrated marketing campaign). I am in the process of streamlining my own brand and making all of my online profiles cohesive within my own brand as well as sending out positive messages out about myself. I am managing my own PR as well as my own marketing. It is not quite there yet, but I am very excited about it.

More to come...until next time...


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I left my heart in DC

The entire female conservative
population at JWU
Ahh, finally time to sit down and blog after CPAC. I spent this past week in DC with 4 other lovely JWU conservatives volunteering at the 38th Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Rae and I had such an incredible experience last year volunteering, we brought 3 more with us this year: Alison, Katy, and Dara. It is always such a great learning experience for everyone to go but it is even more special to us because of all of our backgrounds in the event and hospitality industry. It is a perfect merge between the two things we are passionate about. Although I am leaning further away from event management and closer to advertising and media, this was also an incredible experience for me as well. There is the RNC and DNC conferences and then there is CPAC. It is the 3rd most news covered political conference in the nation. This year I had the opportunity to assist the Director of Communications at CPAC, Ian Walters. There was an expected 11,000 people attending this conference and over 400 different media outlets registered to cover the conference.

w/ Griff Jenkins from FOX News
My experiences as the media assistant was different from my experience as a volunteer last year. While I technically had more responsibility this year, I spent a significantly less amount of time in the ballroom listening to speakers and more time out and about helping Ian put out fires here and there. I didn't get to meet as many speakers this year but I did get to interact with the press more and meet reporters from major news networks like FOX, CNN, The Washington Post, and the list goes on and on. I spent some time backstage with the production team as well as time down in Radio Row confirming interviews with different politicians and radio shows. During my down time I got to sit at media registration and chat with people in the public affairs and public relations profession. I discovered that there is a small niche of people who are interested in media strategy and politics. I shook lots of hands and collected business cards. I also learned more about how CPAC is run, and got to see a whole different behind the scenes of the conference.

The whole CPAC Crew
It saddens me every time I have to leave DC. I am confident that I will end up there at some point in my life, hopefully sooner than later!

Until next time...

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