Wednesday, February 24, 2010


What a touchy subject, politics. It has intensely been a part of my life for the past week. Just yesterday I returned to Providence from volunteering at CPAC in DC. So depressing to be back in reality where I am not surrounded by 10,000 other conservatives that agree with me. But in the words of Glenn Beck, "How boring would life be if we all thought alike?". I am so sick of pointing fingers on both sides. There is a severe lack of communication in the world and especially when it comes to politics and I am certain that that has to do with the media. I will come out and say it, both CNN and FOX are biased. It is clear which side they are on, and I don't fully trust any of it. I frankly don't trust anyone in the media, and I think most of America can agree with me on that. The liberals have a list of issues they have with the conservatives and the conservatives have a list of issues they have against the liberals. Liberals play the victim and blame everything on the trust-fund rich. Conservatives play the victim and blame everything on the lazy, unemployed, hand-out seeking sloths. The truth is, technically we're all on the same team: the middle class. Both sides admit that the mass majority of Americans are in the middle class, why do we keep arguing about the 2 opposite extremes.
In a perfect society, socialism and communism would work. In a perfect society, humans would all be the same, we would all have the same common goal and all have good intentions. Didn't we read novels in school about the political satires of equality and big governments? Did George Orwell's novels like 1987 or Animal Farm make socialism sound like a good idea? Unfortunately we are humans and we are naturally instilled with different temperaments. Some possess a good temperament where they always have good intentions but others are filled with pride and selfish intentions. Some are hard workers and some are free-loaders. This will never change. Some proclaim that a capitalist system keeps the rich, rich and keeps the poor, poor. I'm pretty sure that in any capitalist success story, it never begins with a wealthy person. It always starts off with a normal person with an idea for a business. They build that business from the ground up and if it was a good idea it thrives, if it was a bad idea it flops. The really great ideas bloomed into very large corporations through the years, but the mass majority of jobs in the US are still provided my small businesses.
Obama has proposed a bipartisan healthcare summit Thursday. Theoretically, I think this will be a great thing if both sides really do agree to actually sit down, get over themselves, and talk the issue out. Maybe they will come to realize that they might actually have something in common.
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