Saturday, January 7, 2012


My oh my, where has this week gone? I've got to start packing up and heading back to real life on Sunday. The end of breaks always give me a weird feeling. It's hard to be happy to leave home but also excited to go back to real life. Coming home is like slipping back into the past. I get all the perks of being a kid without the responsibilities I once had while living here. I get to enjoy sleeping in, eating my mom's cooking, watching re-runs of old teen dramas I used to follow, and hang out with all of my old friends. It's like living the dream until reality sets in and realize that I didn't actually step back in time or stop time for that matter. The world is still going on, I'm in the middle of a trimester, I have ongoing responsibilities in RI, and my friends have lives here as well.

The feelings are extra weird this time around because I don't know when I will be back home. It could be after graduation, or it could be a year from now. It's funny how I've spent my entire life wanting to be an adult and thinking I'm an adult, but the sooner that becomes reality, I all of a sudden get the Peter Pan syndrome I never had.

Nevertheless, the show must go on.


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